Behavioural Merchandising

We are able to offer a powerful ecommerce feature called behavioural merchandising. Behavioural merchandising facilitates a real-time understanding of users’ behaviour and can directly deliver automated personalised recommendations to site visitors to increase consumption and revenue.

Research has shown that showing the right product, to the right person, at the right time will increase your sales and improve customer experience at the same time. When integrated with your ecommerce site, behavioural merchandising allows you to do this for every site visitor, delivering up to 20% more sales.

Behavioural Merchandising can also be used to enhance email marketing campaigns. It is the latest in email targeting and is often described as “Email 2.0”. We can integrate it with your email newsletters to deliver highly targeted recommendations to customers, so if you have a subscriber list of 10,000 then behavioural merchandising can send 10,000 unique, personalised email newsletters, based on the products they have browsed or purchased in the past.

This adds real value to your email marketing activities, as the content is relevant to each individual, so not only will it increase the open rate of your newsletters, it will also generate more revenue from your email campaigns by promoting the right products at the right time.

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