Microsoft .Net Core 2.1 & nopCommerce

Jigar’s brief view on Microsoft .Net Core and nopCommerce 4.10
Microsoft .Net Core 2.1 & nopCommerce

Microsoft has officially announced that .Net core is the future and developers should use it for new projects/application development going forward. Microsoft will still support the .Net framework, as quite a lot of their product lines heavily depend on it, however, their focus will be on driving.Net core forwards from here on. This makes it important for applications to migrate away from the traditional .net framework to the newer .Net core stack, in order to utilise all of the latest security and performance improvements that it brings.

The main advantages of using .Net core (and Asp.Net Core) over the traditional .Net Framework (and Asp.Net) are performance enhancements and cross-platform support. One can build an application for any platform, be it Windows, Linux or MacOS, using .Net Core. An application built with .Net core is high in performance compared to with the .Net framework and it is also easy to scale. As .Net core can be used cross-platform it is easy to use containers, either on Windows or Linux machines. A container size of a .Net Core application would be much less than that of a .Net Framework application. .Net core uses a microservice architecture which makes it easy for the .Net core microservice or service to work with other services developed on the .Net Framework, Java, Ruby or other monolithic technologies. Also .NET Core offers side-by-side installation of different versions of the .NET Core runtime on the same machine. This side-by-side installation allows multiple services on the same server, each of them on its own version of .NET Core. It also lowers risk and saves money in application upgrades and IT operations.

All of the geeks out there who work with nopCommerce will know that the nopCommerce team strives to use the latest, most stable technology stack to keep the platform current. As part of this, they moved from the .Net framework to .Net core 2.1 in version 4.10 (released in July 2018). Based on their current roadmap, nopCommerce is planning to support Linux (Source:, which would not have been possible without the .Net Core implementation. As an ecommerce solution provider, nopCommerce are always striving to make performance and scalability gains, two ambitions that are inherently supported by .Net Core, as previously mentioned. Upon release, there was speculation within the community that nopCommerce 4.10 was slow compared to its previous incarnation, however, that was not entirely true. There was actually a minor problem with nopCommerce 4.10 whereby Entity Framework 2.10 was causing performance issues. This issue was quickly resolved and source code updated (Source code: We have worked on a number of sites using nopCommerce 4.10 and continue to be incredibly impressed with its performance.


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