nopCommerce... an ecommerce solution for medium-sized enterprises

Jon takes a look at why nopCommerce is a great fit for medium-sized businesses looking to re-platform
nopCommerce... an ecommerce solution for medium-sized enterprises

In the UK, a medium-sized enterprise can be defined as one with 50-249 employees. Those are significant numbers, providing captains of those respective ships with a host of operational problems to solve in order to maximise output. Operational efficiency is achieved by eliminating duplication of work, sharing information across the business via ERP systems, by streamlining processes and by automating the flow of data between business systems, of which there may be several.

For a medium-sized business with ecommerce at its forefront, choosing a suitable platform that supports all of the business's needs can be a sizeable task. The requirements are not always exactly the same for each business, however, at a high-level a business of this size will certainly need a performant front-end website, probably an admin interface and almost definitely some kind of integration to one or more of those business systems that I mentioned earlier. They will probably also have a number of requirements specific to their business, be that front-end or back office capability. To these ends, it’s important to choose an ecommerce framework that can be readily extended to cope with any particular demands.

So why does nopCommerce fit the brief?

Well, it’s built on the Microsoft technology stack, using ASP.NET Core, the latest Microsoft development framework. ASP.NET Core is the most performant Microsoft development framework to date and also the first time it has offered its development framework as open-source. It’s highly accessible, efficient to develop on and supported by a large developer community.

It employs a highly extensible plugin architecture, making it relatively straightforward to develop custom functionality specifically for individual businesses. The plugin architecture negates the need for developers to touch core code and, therefore, simplifies the process of upgrading. In essence, custom functionality can be added without compromising the upgrade path.

For businesses that have adopted an Azure infrastructure, there is out of the box support. Likewise, there is also web farm support. Whatever the hosting requirements, whatever traffic the site is handling, there is an infrastructure solution to support it.

nopCommerce is a framework, it’s open-source with only a non-mandatory token sum to pay for copyright removal. It is a totally open solution, which means developers are free to take it and do what they want with it. Again, that makes customisation all the more straightforward.

‘Off the peg’ the platform already covers much of the key functionality required by businesses of this size, including:-

  • Multi-currency and multi-language support to facilitate selling in multiple geographical regions
  • Multi-site capability to support businesses with multiple web fascias
  • B2C capabilities
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Excellent search engine optimisation capability, with full access to SEO meta data fields, microdata integration, url management and much more
  • A fully responsive front-end for mobile device support
  • Configurable products
  • GDPR handling
  • PCI DSS Compliance

With a highly active community of developers, many plugins are already available to supplement the core functionality. There are plugins offering advanced search solutions, faceted navigation and marketplaces integration for multi-channel selling, amongst many more.

So, in conclusion, nopCommerce has to be a consideration for any mid-sized business. It is cost-effective, highly scalable, highly performant, easily integratable and can be moulded to suit any business needs.


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