We seem to be doing something right…

Tony gets a little introspective about how the last five years have worked out for us and our clients
We seem to be doing something right…

We may have mentioned elsewhere that we’re not an agency. I thought I’d take the opportunity to expand a little bit on what makes us tick and how that has worked out for us and our clients over the last five years.

We’ve all worked in an agency before, so I like to think we’re well placed to understand the difference between how an agency works and how we work. In fact, the very reason we are different is that we realised working with an agency is often not a great experience for clients.

It might sound a bit daft us taking the side of the client - we are after all on “the other side” - but we figure that happy clients are long term clients and having long term clients means we have a secure and stable business. So it’s the ultimate win-win for everyone.

And on a personal level, it’s so much nicer working with people who want to work with us that we know well and can chat with more as teammates than clients. We’re very happy to be ribbed about the performance of Leicester City - that would be understandable, after all (at least post-2016)

Our approach of sweeping away the distracting layers of agency personnel who pretty well just get in the way has allowed us developers to really understand the objectives and motivations of our clients’ businesses. This means that we can offer impartial advice - sometimes this is a recommendation NOT to do something (we’ve saved some clients a lot of money by advising them against a particular course of action), sometimes we might have an idea for improving operations or boosting basket values. Sometimes we just act as an informed sounding board. We aim to always be there when needed.

However, you probably want to know what life is like for our clients but you’re not just going to take our word it, right? So we asked a few to find out and the response made us blush a bit - one said “I can't think of anything we would want them to do differently. We have a great working relationship with Wired In and we have always had excellent service.” And another said “I have been working with Wiredin for such a long time now that I think of them as colleagues rather than a service provider. I have always found the chaps at Wired In to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and very hard working.”

So, in the words of our clients, we seem to be doing something right.


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