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Do you have a warehouse full of products that retailers sell on your behalf? Do some of your retailers have a poor online presence? Are some of your retailers unable to integrate with your systems for product information, inventory & availability, and order processing?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we can help (If you don’t have your own systems in place currently, we can still help). Wired In Commerce, a specialist ecommerce development team, have built Automated B2B Commerce - ABC.

This system allows you to provide your retailers with a strong online presence, branded with their own identity. It takes product information, including images, from your systems and automatically sends it to the retailer site so that no one has to manually enter or update product information. For a large catalogue, this is a huge time saver and is often the main impediment to retailers creating a strong online offering.

ABC also keeps each retailer site updated with inventory levels and availability, so that they don’t sell items you don’t have in stock (unless you want them to). You can set up retailer-specific catalogues and pricing, and orders placed on the retailer’s site can be automatically injected into your order queue.

These are real, highly functional and customisable websites, that your retailers can manage for themselves. They can add their own products, set their own pricing and promotions (approved by you, of course) and market them however they choose.

We can also take care of all hosting, maintenance, backups and IT so you don’t have this headache.

If you don’t have your own systems in place currently, we can still help. We can provide you with the necessary infrastructure.


The primary purpose of ABC is to extend your ability to sell your products. By making it easy for the retailer to get an online presence up and running that’s fully integrated with your systems, you help them to help you. They don’t need to worry about the mechanics of how to populate and operate the site, their only concern is to market it.

The process of setting up retailer sites is fully automated - it can be done either from a portal we provide you or via integration with your existing site. You can decide to either charge the retailer a subscription fee (we provide the facility to set and collect this if required) or you can choose to make it free of charge for the retailer. Once ABC is set up for you, you have a simple to use web-based management system to enable or disable a retailer site. To launch a new retailer site is just the click of a button. It’s really very easy to use. It doesn’t require special skills or training and minimal ongoing time for management.

How It Works

ABC is really a toolbox of items we can deploy depending on how you want to make it part of your business. The retailer sites use nopCommerce which is the most popular eCommerce framework that uses native Microsoft infrastructure. It’s used by over 50,000 sites and employs cutting edge technology.

How we connect the retailer sites to your systems depends entirely on your systems. A part of every engagement is a scoping session to work out the best way that works for you, but we can take data in many forms, and if you have an existing site and internal developers, we can provide them with an API.

If you don’t have any infrastructure, we can help with that too as we can provide a website for you to act as a product information manager, order queue and if necessary, a frontend web presence for your business. We’ve tried to make our solutions as flexible as possible, but every distributor we’ve worked with has been unique so our solution is adaptable to your specific requirements.


nopcommerce white label solution


A normal part of our engagement process is to sit down with you and scope your entire requirement out. If we need to customise something, then we will provide you with a quotation for this work, and will provide transparent pricing for the sites.

We will hand over a system that you can easily manage and control, though of course, we’ll always be there to answer questions, help out, and be generally all-round good guys.

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