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Algolia Development

Wired In is an ecommerce development company that specialises in building scalable search and discovery experiences powered by Algolia. With over 4 years of experience building and optimising Algolia implementations, we have the expertise to take your website or application search to the next level.

Algolia Development Services

  • Algolia Integration: We handle all aspects of integrating Algolia into your stack from indexing your content to developing a custom search UI.

  • Relevance Tuning: Our team will analyse your content, traffic patterns and user behaviour to optimise your Algolia configuration for relevance and speed.

  • Ongoing Maintenance: We offer ongoing monitoring, tuning and support services to ensure your Algolia implementation remains optimised over time as your content and usage evolves.

  • Customisations: Need advanced search features like typo tolerance, geo search or synonyms? We build custom solutions on top of Algolia's APIs to deliver unique search experiences.

  • Migrations: If you have an existing on-site search, we can migrate your content indexing and querying to Algolia's hosted infrastructure.

Our Expertise

With backgrounds spanning search relevance, machine learning and full stack development, Wired In have the cross-disciplinary expertise to deliver robust Algolia implementations. We stay on top of the latest Algolia product releases and best practices.

We have partnered with organisations across ecommerce, publishing and SaaS on Algolia projects including:

Open For Vintage

 Big Day Cakes

    A sophisticated implementation, merging multiple content types (product, blog, geographic data) into a single index.

Troo Healthcare

"We've been working with Wired In Commerce for many years, during which their technical skill and knowledge have played a key role in helping us develop essential business management systems and website projects."

John North, Managing Director

Algolia Features & Benefits

Searching for relevant information quickly is critical for any website or application. Slow or inaccurate search experiences frustrate users and hurt engagement and conversions.

Algolia supercharges search and discovery by providing robust APIs and SDKs that enable you to build fast, relevant and customisable search experiences.

  • Blazing Fast: Algolia was built from the ground up to be optimised for speed. Their search infrastructure delivers results in milliseconds, providing an instant search experience.

  • Relevant Results: Sophisticated ranking and relevance algorithms surface the most relevant results to each query, ensuring users can find what they need quickly.

  • Real-Time Indexing: Updates and new content are indexed in real-time, so search results always reflect the latest information. No more waiting for updates.

  • Advanced Filtering: Robust filtering and faceting options allow users to drill-down into results, refine searches and explore content.

  • Typo Tolerance: Even if users misspell words, Algolia's typo tolerance will still return high quality results. No more empty result pages.

  • Analytics: In-depth analytics on queries, clicks and conversions help optimise the search experience over time.

  • Flexible APIs: Algolia provides simple APIs that can integrate with any stack. Front-end and backend developers can both leverage Algolia's search capabilities.

Let us know how we can help take your Algolia search to the next level: Contact us.

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