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Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a minefield for many, further complicated by the myriad options available to ecommerce marketers. Wired In can help you navigate the field, putting together a digital marketing strategy that is right for your target audience, resources & type of business.

We’ll take you from a high-level overview of your primary audience(s) and key messaging, through the optimum channels to reach them and down into the specifics of how to use those channels, the resources required and the timeline for implementing them. We’re holistic in our approach, considering everything from the website itself (see Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX), your product data, payment options and marketplaces to digital marketing channels including organic and paid search, social media marketing, email marketing and affiliates.

The result is clarity on what is appropriate for your business, the potential returns and the work & resources required to get there. This helps you manage the priorities and pace of implementation, manage the expectations of the people in your business, and manage your growth in a structured way. The net result is a business with consistently growing revenue, clarity on how to maintain that growth and that is not reliant on one particular channel for sales.

Ecommerce Sites From Wired In

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