Why Choose Us?

Wired In Commerce is a small team of massively experienced developers and designers, specialising in ecommerce. We’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt on so many ecommerce projects we’ve lost count.

One thing we’d like to say upfront is that we’re not an agency - we’re very different in approach. Think of us as a team of expert developers with intimate knowledge of the entire ecommerce application (from user experience through operations to integration with systems such as NetSuite and SAP) who will fit into your business seamlessly. We don’t have the overheads (financial or baloney) that agencies do, so we’re cheaper to employ, and easier to get along with.

We’re should also state that we don’t do PHP - we’re all Microsoft .NET developers which gives us something of an advantage when working on enterprise scale projects (which we do) as the enterprise is very much Microsoft Windows oriented. We of course use the front end technologies you would expect (HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jQuery etc.).

We’re not welded to any particular platform - we’ve worked with most .NET ecommerce frameworks. We’ll choose the best one for the job depending on what you want to achieve


Wired In CommerceConventional Agency
Small of team of very experienced designers and developers specialising in ecommerce Large team of mostly junior staff with limited experience of anything, let alone ecommerce
We work on just one build project at any one time Most likely,agency people will be working on lots of different projects at the same time
Everyone has skin in the game - all our people are equal stakeholders in the business Agency personnel are usually employees and don’t share the same commitment level that we have
Integrated and embedded in your project - we work with you as part of your business. We’ll do what you want, and you can count on us for honest advice Agency workers tend to take a more “us and them” approach, and the advice is centred on what’s best for the agency
Low (like almost nothing) overheads Massive overheads - smart offices in prestigious locations with layers of project management, account management, management management etc.
Lower fee base - negligible overheads mean we don’t need to charge eye watering prices All those overheads have to be paid by somebody
Seamless transition into supporting you post-go live - the same people will be supporting you There’s no guarantee that the people supporting your site will be the same people who built it, so they won’t have the history and deep project knowledge necessary to make rapid decisions

We're waiting to offer you a solution to your problem

Send us a message if you're looking for ecommerce expertise. One of our experienced developers will be in touch to discuss your requirements.