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Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce Integration helps streamline the data flow between various systems such as accounting, warehousing, e-commerce etc. By sending data electronically, it reduces the need for manual input (which can eliminate human error) saving time and resources. By integrating all your systems together, you can reduce operational costs and run a much more efficient business. Our experience working with various third-party software includes Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, SAP, Netsuite, Etilize, Accounting Software, various marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and many more.


Years of Experience

At Wired In, we can help you improve your data flow by orchestrating the movement of data and performing core data functions such as data reformatting, configuration, error handling, reporting and data logging.

With ecommerce integration, there are some common points for improving the flow of data between systems:

  • Product Data - Important information such as price, SKU and product descriptions can be shared between the e-commerce site and accounting or stock control systems.

  • Inventory - We can synchronise the inventory levels between ecommerce site and the back office to help ensure customers are not disappointed by ordering out-of-stock items.

  • Orders - We can integrate your e-commerce site with your Line of Business systems (accounting and warehousing) so you can pick, pack and dispatch the order, send invoices or run reports.

  • Pricing - Keep your website up-to-date with the latest pricing information for all products and any customer-specific pricing can be transferred.

  • Customers - Ensuring that your CRM system has up-to-the-minute information about customers placing orders allows your marketing to be more effective. Providing customer-specific pricing in B2B applications enhances your customer's experience and cements their relationship with you.

  • Third Parties - Ecommerce is a team sport and transferring data to things such as enterprise on-site search solutions, behavioural targeting systems, shopping feeds, other online channels etc. is essential to squeeze the maximum revenue from your online business.

G7th Client Testimonial

"Most recently, Wired In helped us re-integrate our website into a new ERP system, and Tony in particular put in an outstanding effort to get everything working – especially when some last-minute problems cropped up from the ERP side. I highly recommend the Wired in Commerce team!"

Simon Campling, G7th Ltd

Ecommerce Sites From Wired In

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