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Swell Headless eCommerce Development

As an industry leader in headless ecommerce solutions, Wired In have developed the skills to build custom stores on Swell's flexible commerce framework. We can help brands launch innovative shopping experiences that drive sales and engage customers across channels using Swell as the headless platform.

With Swell, we can rapidly deploy sites using modern Jamstack architecture while harnessing the power of commerce APIs and microservices. This headless approach allows us to seamlessly integrate your commerce engine with any front-end client application.

Our Swell developers can work on complex integrations with order management systems, ERPs, fulfilment providers, and other critical back-end systems. We follow best practices for headless architecture, performance optimization, and security hardening.

Examples of features we can build with Swell:

  • PWA storefronts with dynamic interfaces
  • Personalised product recommendations
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Customisable checkout flows
  • Subscription management and recurring billing
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Product reviews and UGC

We stay up to date on the latest Swell updates and have the capabilities to undertake:

  • Swell CLI for scaffolding projects
  • Swell SDK for headless integrations
  • Swell Hydrogen for React framework
  • Swell Oxygen for frontend-first development

With our Swell expertise, we can deliver innovative commerce experiences tailored to your brand and industry.

Swell Development Services

Our Swell development services include:

  • Swell Storefront Builds - We can build high-performance Progressive Web App (PWA) storefronts optimised for conversion leveraging Swell Hydrogen, Oxygen, and other frameworks.

  • Custom Swell Integrations - We can connect Swell's commerce engine to other systems like ERPs, OMS, WMS, CRM, and more through custom middleware.

  • Swell Customizations - We can customise the default Swell platform functionality to enable unique branded shopping experiences and specialised use cases.

  • Swell Theme & UI Development - Our designers and developers create fully custom Swell themes and user interfaces tailored to your brand.

  • Swell Migrations - We can migrate your catalogue and customers from an existing commerce platform or legacy system onto Swell's headless infrastructure.

  • Swell Managed Services - We offer ongoing management, monitoring, and maintenance services for your Swell implementation after launch.

  • Swell Performance Optimization - We identify and resolve performance bottlenecks to ensure fast, reliable storefront experiences.

  • Swell Security Hardening - We follow security best practices and conduct audits to harden your Swell implementation against threats.

With our expertise in Swell and modern ecommerce architecture, our team delivers solutions that balance innovation, performance, and security for brands.

Ultima Displays Client Testimonial

"Wired in Commerce has become the company’s preferred supplier and have proven to be a responsive, pragmatic and collaborative partner. The site continues to develop functionality through close alignment and engagement."

Mark Faulkner, Ultima Displays

Swell Headless eCommerce Framework Features & Benefits

  • Swell provides a flexible API-first commerce engine that separates the frontend and backend. This headless architecture unlocks innovation for brands by decoupling the storefront presentation layer from the backend commerce functionality.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Headless Architecture - Build any customer experience using Swell's commerce APIs. Easily integrate Swell with modern frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular.

    • Cloud-Native Infrastructure - Swell leverages serverless computing and microservices for auto-scaling performance and high availability.

    • Progressive Web Apps - Swell storefronts load ultra-fast as PWAs that work across devices, enabling features like offline shopping.

    • No Vendor Lock-in - Swell uses open APIs and web standards allowing you to switch frontends, so you’re not locked in to proprietary frameworks.

    • Composable Commerce - Swell has modular commerce capabilities that can be combined and extended, meaning you need only add the features you need.

    • Developer-friendly SDK - Powerful Javascript SDK makes it simple for developers to integrate Swell into any frontend.

    • Hydrogen Framework - Build React storefronts optimized for Swell using Hydrogen, Swell's open-source framework.

    • Oxygen Platform - Frontend-first development with Oxygen allows storefronts to be created visually.

    • Customizable and Extensible - Swell is made to be tailored to your brand. Build custom experiences and integrate other tools.

    With an API-first approach, Swell provides the enterprise-grade capabilities required for any ecommerce business while enabling developers to create truly differentiated storefronts.

    Let us know if you need an expert Swell development partner to create your next generation headless storefront.

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