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If you're looking for a cutting-edge, open-source e-commerce solution to power your online shop, then you really shouldn't look beyond nopCommerce. Over the last 5-10 years, it has evolved into a stunning .net based rival to Magento, and it continues to move forward at a pace with every passing year. The nopCommerce team really does mean business, and we at Wired in are privileged to be gold solution partners, one of only 4 currently in the UK. In total and absolute truth, we love working with nopCommerce.

So why do we love it so much?

  1. It has an extensive feature set right out of the box. What's more, features have been thought out thoroughly and implemented properly.
  2. A well thought out plugin architecture means we can easily add functionality without touching the core platform. That means we can keep our clients on the latest version without too much pain.
  3. A strong community of nopCommerce developers has already produced a host of plugins to extend the platform. The plugin marketplace grows substantially every year.
As a Gold Partner of nopCommerce, our certified developers can deliver a range of nopCommerce services:
  • Plugin Development/Customisation
  • Theme Development/Customisation
  • Royal Mail Integration
  • ChannelAdvisor Integration
  • Behavioural Merchandising
  • Custom Development
  • Custom 3rd Party Integrations
  • Store Configuration Help
  • nopCommerce Upgrades
  • nopCommerce Maintenance & Support
  • Amazon AWS Web Hosting Management

Swell Headless eCommerce Framework

Wired In is immensely proud to have partnered with the headless e-commerce platform Swell

Swell is incredibly fast and has very powerful features baked in. It is 100% customisable and can work with any modern front-end framework (though we’ve a preference for React and next.js). 

Unlike many other headless e-commerce platforms, it has ready-built storefronts that can be adapted and customised. Backed by award-winning hosting on Vercel (who are an investor in Swell), the whole experience of developing a site is free of impediments (deployment is incredibly easy, for example), reducing time-to-market and increasing the pace of change.

Because it is headless, other content sources such as headless CMSs can be easily integrated and marketers have incredible abilities to build pages using drag-and-drop interfaces.

The lightning-fast performance gives better SEO and SERP rankings over monolithic platforms such as Magento and it scales better and is less limiting than Shopify. It doesn’t levy transaction fees so Total Cost of Ownership is lower than Shopify and it is customisable without relying on flaky third-party apps that don’t quite work right. There is no limit on product options, variants or attributes either so it is more scalable and future-proof. Oh, and subscriptions are built in and the shopping cart is fully customizable.

Swell has a large library of integrations to industry staples such as AlgoliaContentfulAvalaraHubSpotKlaviyo, and Plasmic.

Contentful Composable Content

A composable content platform meets the unique demands of digital content and all the teams that produce and work with it. Built with an API-first architecture, a composable content platform orchestrates content from multiple sources and publishes it to any digital channel. It ensures content is discoverable and reusable, provides tailored interfaces, and incorporates governance through role-based access management and workflows.

Contentful is one of, if not the, market leader in this space and we're proud to have begun our journey to become a Contentful Partner

FACT-Finder Enterprise Search

FACT-Finder provides an enterprise solution for on-site search, navigation, merchandising, personalisation, recommendations, predictive baskets and more.

FACT-Finder powers sales by ensuring that visitors are shown the products that they are looking for. On-site search is a notoriously difficult thing to get right as many solutions are based on simple database queries which don't deliver the results required by your customers.  FACT-Finder uses Artificial Intelligence to get beneath the skin of what your customers are looking for and delivers accurate, insightful results every time.

It also allows you to extensively merchandise products, so you can set what products a customer sees in the search results so you can promote specific lines in response to specific search terms. You can build campaign landing pages and AI-driven personalisation determines the unique preferences of your individual customers, such as preferred brands, colours, prices or categories. The most relevant products are then promoted to the top of the results page, resulting in higher conversion and a more intuitive shopping experience

Algolia Search and Discovery

Agolia is a comprehensive platform for on-site search, personalisation and recommendations. It is AI-powered, blazingly fast, and always delivers relevant results. It has a great typo tolerance with synonym management, it enriches the search experience with autocomplete, filters, facets, query suggestions and infinite scrolling.

Algolia Recommend is a robust system that allows you to add "frequently bought together" and "related products" very easily.

It is a highly scalable and robust platform with over 70 data centres on 6 continents. Its back -office admin UI is fantastically easy to use so you can tune the results and through its extensive search analytics element, able to offer significant insight into what your customers are searching for and how best to server them


Shopify needs no introduction. It's the starting point for many e-commerce ventures because it is easy to use, feature-rich and has a massive ecosystem. It's perhaps not as flexible as our other solutions but is a great starting point


Umbraco is a powerful .net-based Web CMS platform. It's the world's leading open-source content management system built on the latest .NET technology.

At Wired In, we don't generally do bog-standard CMS websites, however, we use the power of Umbraco as the foundation to develop sites that require rich CMS capabilities, integration to 3rd party solutions and customised software development. 

Ecommerce Sites From Wired In

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