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Contentful Development

Wired In are your partner for building composable digital experiences on the Contentful platform. As a Contentful development agency, we can help companies leverage the flexibility and scalability of Contentful to create modular, reusable content that can be assembled into any experience across platforms.

Our Contentful Development Services

We offer end-to-end Contentful services:

  • Content Modelling & Structure Design - We will help design your content model and workflows to match your business needs. This includes content types, fields, validations, workflows, etc. with the required permissions and approval system.
  • Integration – We can seamlessly integrate Contentful with your tech stack from sites to apps using Contentful’s APIs and SDKs.
  • Customisation - Custom apps and solutions on Contentful can unlock extra capabilities. For example, reusable custom content types for events, products, employees, etc., or custom Contentful fields/widgets like dropdowns, image galleries, ratings, etc. to capture unique content.

  • Migration - We can migrate your content to Contentful from other CMSs and legacy systems.

  • Performance Optimisation – Using caching, CDNs, image transformations and other performance enhancements, we’ll ensure your Contentful implementation runs as fast as possible.

  • Management – We can provide ongoing management and optimization of your Contentful implementation.

  • Training and Support – We offer training on using Contentful and ongoing support on development, integrations, troubleshooting and upgrades.

  • Hosting, Security and Compliance – We can assist with the hosting, scaling, security, compliance and governance of your Contentful implementation.

Our goal is to build, integrate and manage Contentful to power your complete content infrastructure across digital experiences.

About Contentful

Contentful is the leading content platform for composable architectures and digital experiences. It allows you to manage content in a centralized location and access it from any digital channel through APIs and SDKs. Key benefits of Contentful include:

  • Flexible Content Modelling - Contentful allows you to model your content with custom content types, fields, and relationships that fit your needs. This makes it easy to manage structured content for any use case.

  • Modular content model - Content types, entries and assets can be mixed and matched to compose experiences. Updates propagate everywhere content is used.

  • Multi-channel publishing - Contentful seamlessly integrates with websites, mobile apps, wearables, digital displays and more through its APIs and SDKs.

  • Scalability - Contentful easily handles enterprise-level volumes of content and traffic. The platform grows with you.

  • Global Content Delivery - Contentful has a global CDN for delivering content fast anywhere in the world. It handles localization and translation.

  • Visual Editing - The app provides an intuitive, user-friendly visual editing interface for managing content.

  • Workflow Automation - Automate content workflows like approvals, publishing etc. to match business needs.

  • Developer-friendly - Contentful provides APIs, SDKs and integrations that make it easy for developers to build with Contentful.

  • Security and Compliance - Contentful is secure, compliant and meets requirements like GDPR and HIPAA.

Overall, Contentful combines content flexibility with omnichannel delivery at scale, making it an ideal backend for any digital experience.

Let us help you build a composable, omni-channel content platform on Contentful. Contact us today to get started!

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