Support & Maintenance

Ecommerce sites are living, breathing things and ideally a mindset of continuous improvement should be adopted by site owners. With that in mind, Wired In have very flexible support and maintenance agreements with a number of clients.

Support and Maintenance agreements ensure that we're on hand to help out with enhancements to the site, design changes, new graphic design or any other work. We're also here in the event of a technical issue  - kind of like an insurance policy - so that if anything goes wrong with the site (for example, a problem with the server), we're on the case faster than you can say "rat up a drain pipe"

Many of our testimonials are as a consequence of our support and maintenance work for clients - it's a very important part of our business, and it could (may we be so bold as to say should?) be an important part of yours.

For more information about how we can support you and your site, please contact us.

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