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Ecommerce SEO

Search engine optimisation is a necessity for any site, but for e-commerce there are some extra considerations to ensure that you achieve the rankings and organic traffic you deserve.

The size and functionality of most e-commerce sites creates challenges around pagination, faceted navigation (filters, sort orders etc.), thin content and balancing user experience with sufficient text content. Getting these wrong can be extremely costly to your organic traffic, whilst getting them right can give you a significant edge over competitors.

Wired In has the expertise and experience to help you navigate these challenges and implement technical solutions to any SEO problem. We have tackled page load speed (Core Web Vitals) issues, dealt with the internationalisation of sites across tens of countries and fixed duplicate content and redirection issues at a large scale. We're particularly adept at nopCommerce SEO.

The result has been significantly improved rankings and ultimately more organic revenue for our clients. You can be assured that when we work on your site, all SEO considerations will be taken care of, both to avoid issues being created by any changes to the site and to improve organic search performance as part of our work.

Ultima Displays Client Testimonial

"Wired in Commerce has become the company’s preferred supplier and have proven to be a responsive, pragmatic and collaborative partner. The site continues to develop functionality through close alignment and engagement."

Mark Faulkner, Ultima Displays

Ecommerce Sites From Wired In

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